Jurgen Klopp sends message to Wolves after VAR saves Liverpool + assessment of Capo form

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Send a message to rival teams like Wolverhampton. Wanderers After the Reds Army nearly lost to the Wolf Army in the FA Cup last night

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admitted he can understand Wolves ‘ frustrations after his supposed late winner was taken offside at Anfield during their clash at A. FA Cup third round last night (Saturday, January 7, 2022), which caused a lot of rage at Yulen Lopetegui , the coach of the Wolf Army. The game ended in a 2-2 draw with Wolverhampton’s Toti. An 82nd-minute winning goal was denied after a long series of checks. which caused a lot of confusion.

Jurgen Klopp sends message to Wolves after VAR saves Liverpool + assessment of Capo form

         After the game it was confirmed that the missed goal was caused by Offsides during the game, although ITV reported that video referee Mike Dean did not have the camera angle to confirm the alleged offside. With the home audience all confused, Klopp spoke to ITV after the match. And while he claims to have a ‘single shot’ proving that the shot was not a goal. But he admitted he understood Wolves’ anger at the point where it became controversial. “I’m not sure about their third goal,” Klopp said. “We only have one picture where it might look offside. We don’t want VAR to be just one corner.”

         Wolves boss Lopetegui was furious at the referee as he added: “Our offside… We’ve seen it, sorry, offside doesn’t exist . Someone told him it was offside. But we’ve seen the picture. it doesn’t exist Touching the ball twice is our player. And touch the ball the second time he doesn’t want ′′ Wrong judgment. I make mistakes every day and sometimes they do too. Today we are helped by VAR and unfortunately. Because I have to apologize. It’s not offside.

Lopetegui then spoke to the BBC and said: “It’s a shame if we’re not in the next round because I think the players deserve to go through.” with the referee He was very polite and listened to us. That’s good for me. That’s not normal in Spain. I like talking just to show him no offside It’s very clear.”

Klopp also gave an honest assessment of Cody Kakpo’s Liverpool debut in this game, with the 23-year-old Holland international making his first appearance for the club since his move. Signed from PSV Eindhoven in January for £37m, he started on the left wing and played 84 minutes before being replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain . Substitute Klopp spoke to ITV after the match and admitted the Reds ‘Have to put him in a better position’ from now on

         “He fits into the game well. It’s not easy to take the first step,” said Klopp  . “We cannot expect it to be perfect. But he showed good signs. We have to put him in a better position. But that will undoubtedly follow.”

         Meanwhile , Kakpo expressed his feelings about his performance on Liverpool’s website after the match. “The atmosphere was great,” Gakpo said. “For my own game. I think I’ve had good moments and bad moments ′′ So I can still improve on those points and keep working and trying to help the team as much as possible ′ ′ Of course you learn the most when you. played So I’m looking forward [To play more] ′′ ′′ I think we have a really good rhythm. But in the end we couldn’t score a goal. Which is a pity,” “But I think we’ve shown what we can do. But we can still improve in some areas and let’s work on it. I think we really showed the spirit of the team in a moment. which is a good thing” ” I think we have to go there [Molineux] with a lot of determination. and win back.”