How Semi Bluff ?

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Because The Open Flop Will Play An Important Role In Whether We Should Semi-Bluff Or It Will Be A Free Chip Drop.

How Semi Bluff ?

There Are Two Key Points To Semi bluffing That You Need To Know: Pot Equity And Fold Equity.

Pot Equity Is The Ratio Of The Pot To The Hand. If We Hit The Flop With A Single Card, Get A Flush, And The Pot Is $100, Our Pot Equity Is About 35$ Because Our Chances Of Getting The Flop Are About 1/3.

Fold Equity Is The Pot That We Win If Our Opponent Folds And We Don’t Have To Wait To Draw A Flush.

So Generally If Both Of These Are High Making Semibluffs Is Even More Profitable.

Pot Equity Is Not Difficult To Calculate. The Higher The Probability Of A Draw, The Less We Worry About Fold Equity. Because Our Chances Of Winning With Cool Cards Are More Often.

But Understanding Fold Equity Is More Difficult Because There Are No Fixed Rules. But Still Good Enough To Have Something To Notice

Fold Equity Won’t Work For Calling Stations Or Calling Frenzy Who Cling To Their Cards Until They Die. Whether The Pair Is Low, High, Or Blind High Cards.

Aim For Weak Tie Players. People Who We Think Can Use Marginal Hands Or Cards To Win And Squeeze.

Table UFABET Cards And Table Image

Keep An Eye On The Cards On The Table And The Cards You Think Your Opponent Will Have.

The More Wide And Multiple Cards Your Opponent Plays, The Better. The More Likely He Is To Crouch. Because They Discard Their Cards Without Much Thought.

But If Our Opponent Sees Us Semi-Bluffing With Flush Draws Often He Would Believe It And Start Worrying That We Would Definitely Measure It. For Example, If It Turns Out To Be A♣️5♣️2♦️They Will Start To Think Whether It’s Good Or Bad.