Correct Use Of Blocking Bets

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Not Everyone Agrees That Blocking Bets Work. But What Everyone Says Is The Same, If Used Incorrectly, Be Careful.

If Used At The Right Time And By The Right People Others Will Be Assholes And Definitely Increase Your Chances Of Winning

The Key To Using Blocking Betting Is To Understand The Hand You Are Playing. Whether The Left Hand Or The Right Hand, Oh No, It Means The UFABET Card In Hand. And The Type Of People Who Are Fighting

Weak Tie Players Or Beginners Are Goals That We Can Use Blocking Bets. Because If The Old Hand Is Brutal Can Guess The Trump Card, And Rest Bluff Back Until We Have To Turn Over.

Correct Use Of Blocking Bets

And Here Are Two Situations Where Blocking Bets Should Be Used.

1. Use Blocking Bets To See Cheap Rivers.

Let’s Say We Play $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em, The Player In The Middle Races $6 Sb Calls, We Call Followed By 9♦️ T♦️.
The Flop Opens A♦️ J♣️ 5♦️ And We Check. Call $12 Is A Continuous Bet From The Same Center Player Sb Fold And The Turn Opens To 2♠️
If We Know The Person We Are Fighting Well Enough That It’s A Second Race With Different Cards. We Can Bet Ourselves So We Don’t Have To Pay Too Much For A Flush With A $42 Pot. We Might Raise $20 Because Our Opponents Are Probably Raising Themselves Around $30-$35
. Has Been Posted If The Opponent Just Calls And His Cards Are Completely Blind It Has A Chance To Squat Easily.

2. Use Blocking Bets For Cheap Showdowns

Another Argument For Using Blocking Bets Is When We’re Pretty Sure We’re At Our Best. But Still Disgusted To Pay Dearly To Open Showdown (Don’t Get Too Stressed Out To Sniff The Glue, Okay?)

Alright Let’s Go Back To The $1/$2 Game Just Now, Everything Was The Same At First. But This Time We Call Followed By 9♦️ T♦️ At The Big Blind Position.

This Round The Flop Opens As T♥️ 8♣️ 5♠️ We Check The Same Player’s Consecutive Call Bet Like Last Time After Sb Folds, Then Our Opponent Checks 5♦️ On The Turn And The Last Card Turned Out To Be 2♠️. 

At This Moment We Can See The Same Thing. Ten Pairs Are Probably The Biggest. But Will You Want To Pay Up To $35 For A Showdown? If We Go A Little Too Far We’ll Show Our Cards A Little Cheap And In Case He’s Willing To Fold (Small Payouts Sometimes Seem Like Trying To Squeeze Out As Much Money As Possible).

How To Balance Blocking Bet’s Card Range? You Must First Understand That Blocking Bets Used With Good Opponents, Difficult (With Ace Too, Very Difficult)

If We Use Only Blocking Bets And Cards Waiting To Be Drawn In Order To Win The Right Thing, People Who Play Well Will Raise Until We Don’t Dare To Follow. Called Playing Cards Get The First Payout For Free

Therefore, In Order To Fight With Them In Such A Way That They Can’t Catch Them, They Can’t Chase Them, They Can’t Catch Them On The Right Way. We Have To Use The Blocking Bet Style With The Eyes That Get Big Cards As Well, Something Like Re-Resume Or Re-Respond Or Call And Eat Full, This Time He Won’t Re-Respond Us Again.

From The Second Example We Assumed Just Now This Time We Change Our Hand To 55 And The Flop Comes Three.

We Check Turn Shift Play Slowly Deceive But Instead Of Checking At The River We Use Blocking Bets Instead. People Who Know Think That We Are Waiting For Some Kind Of Card.

If Good Players Are Good, They Have A Chance To Bluff Our Race. The Shift Forces Us To Crouch. We Can Eat Full. You Can Also Re-Resume.

This Time, I Would Like To End The Blocking Bet Technique Just Like This.

As For The Next Step, What Kind Of Process Will It Be? Or What Is It, Please Follow And See.