7 techniques to Make your tournament play Cards more efficient.

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1. Don’t Skimp On Stack (Stack Means Chips On The Lap)
You’re Very Jealous On Your Stack Because You Think You’ll Crouch To Wait For Good Cards Only. May Lose The Opportunity To Increase Your Chips

2. Play To Win
. In Many Tournaments, Prizes Will Be Paid Only For Those Who Rank Higher. The Money They Pay Will Come From Those Who Are Eliminated.
So When You Play Tournaments, You Should Focus More On Where You Finish.

Playing Cards That Are Odd-Worthy Will Give You More Stacks And Make It Easier To Play In The Next Round.

7 techniques to Make your tournament play Cards more efficient.

3. Try To Play In An Advantageous Position. But Not Too Often.
Most Tournament Tables Are Played More Carefully Than UFABET Cash Game Tables, So It’s Better To Raise With A Better Position. It’s Another Important Technique.

4. Don’t Try To Protect The Big Blind With A Short Stack
(Short Stack Means Having Fewer Than 20 Chips In Your Stack In The Big Blind)

Doing This Will Cause More Harm Than Good Because If We Call And Then Nothing Happens. The Shorter The Stack, The Shorter The Stack Will Be.
This Table Tells You How You Should Play.

5. Play Tighter When You Have A Short Stack Or Are Close To ITM (In The Money

(Tight Means To Play A Selection Of Playing Cards)

When It’s Almost ITM And You Have A Short Stack, It’s A Good Idea To Play As Tight As Possible Only Waiting For The Biggest Cards As The Rewards Are Getting Closer.

6.Pressure Short Stack Players When You Deep Stack When Close To ITM
(Pressure Means Pressure)

Pressure Here Will Give You A Huge Advantage Since The Hand That He Can Call Or All-In Against You Will Only Be A Very Strong Hand. Gives You A Chance To Steal That Pot.

7. Rules To Avoid Late Registration
That You Apply Late Will Put You At A Disadvantage To Others Where He Will Have More Hands To Play Have A Chance To Make More Profit So If You Are Late To Apply Better Don’t Play