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What to do if a pet bites/licks the wound Wash the wound as soon as possible. Wash with clean water and soap or disinfectant such as Betadine or 70% alcohol solution and try to wash deep to the bottom of the wound. This is a large wound. and the location of the wound The closer to the brain The higher the risk of the incubation period for germs entering the brain being shorter. receive immune resistant substances To destroy germs and prevent them from entering the nerves. It will provide antibodies at the same time. With vaccination, inject around the bite wound, but if there is no wound, such as a pet licking its mouth. or saliva splashes into the eyes Can be injected intramuscularly Hurry and get the rabies vaccine. So that the body has immunity to destroy the germs itself. If it is a temporary vaccine It takes the body approximately 10-14 days to build up enough immunity to destroy the virus. However, the determination of which patients who have been bitten or scratched by animals should receive immunity agents or vaccines is up to the consideration of doctors in each place and country because the control of vaccinations in animals is more or less strict. Including the abundance of diseased animals in each area as well. for Thailand The criteria for deciding who should receive the rabies vaccine are as follows: touched by animals Lick the skin that does not have a wound. There is no need to do anything. It was pinched until there was a small bruise. He was scratched until there were abrasions dripping with blood. Or rub and lick on the skin that has a wound. You should receive the rabies vaccine immediately. If bitten or scratched until there is a wound that clearly bleeds or is licked against various mucous membranes, such as the eyes or mouth, quickly receive immune resistant substances and vaccines immediately But in the case of a pet in the house that is well cared for. There were no signs of rabies infection. Continuously vaccinate against rabies for at least 2 years or more, and if there is an incentive to bite, such as an animal being stepped on, teased, or tortured, you may not need to do anything yet. And try quarantining your pet for 10 days to see if it develops. But if just one of these conditions is violated You should consult a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of people infected with the disease “rabies”

until now When the patient is infected Rabies and began to show neurological symptoms There will be a 100% death rate from this disease. That is, no cure for rabies has been found yet. But luckily, the medical community has been able to develop a vaccine that helps protect against